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Provide tailored exam prep courses with Wisy Learning Analytics. Wisy Learning Analytics provides accurate success predictions and relevant insights for your student’s exam success.

Wisy is the SaaS platform for exam prep providers to predict and visualize learning progress.

We are accurate. No surprises. Ever.

Our algorithms correctly predict student success in real-time with an accuracy of 98%.

Reduce time spent on quality assurance by up to 75%.

Wisy provides objective insight into class and teacher development, making your quality assurance much easier.

Less preparation effort for your teachers.

Accurate learner and class information saves teachers valuable time in preparing their lessons.

How Wisy works

Reliable prediction algorithm

Wisy uses real-time calculated success probabilities as a reliable indication of progress.

Holistic Visualizations of Progress

Use various progress visualizations comprising the overall institution, classes and individual student to understand their development and visualize the route to success.

Wisy connects teachers, learners and supervisors

You can optionally give customers and your teachers access to the insights stored in wisy via their personal accounts..

How to work with Wisy

Results from Assignments and Tests

Wisy uses student’s results from assignments, tests and other exercises.

Works perfectly in all-paper courses

You don’t need to use displays in class in order to use wisy. Wisy can handle data from paper exams, tests and exercises just as well as results from digital resources.

Integrate Wisy or use it as a Standalone

Wisy offers a powerful user-management feature out-of-the-box. You can use it as a standalone software or you can integrate its core features into your existing digital environment.



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Prices upon request


Prices upon request

Visible learning, wiser decisions.

A break through in Education Technology.

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